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commented 2016-06-08 07:31:07 -0400
I have been a NCDPS employee for 18 years. I DESERVE A RAISE! A new officer was hired making more than I do. That is unfair, steps were made to increase salaries for new officer pay but nothing has been done for the veteran officer that has been working faithfully. ALL STATE EMPLOYEES DESERVE A RAISE!
commented 2016-04-25 19:19:46 -0400
How can we the people stop the NCHP from stealing innocent people /citizens money through ""civil forfiture""Laws.The NCHP has become the thrid highest agency,in the United States as fae as stealing peoples money.Where does this money go?
commented 2016-04-08 16:46:25 -0400
commented 2016-04-08 16:43:16 -0400
I read your editorial in the Rochester D&C. Such bullshit. You’re not fooling anyone.
commented 2016-03-24 22:23:57 -0400
Sir, Met you.. Voted for you… retired military officer who sacrificed deeply for his country.. won the Silver Star in Vietnam.. I was certain you would look out for us.. You then supported fracking, allowed us to become the dumping ground for Duke Power coal ash and now we out here are dealing with speeding tickets for going 56 in a 55… Wow.. Thank you for that… I am sure ticketing people for 1 over the limit will solve the crime problems we have in the district..Congratulations! You guys have absolutely succeeded in alienating the people further from law enforcement and the state government… Maybe a reasonable approach to the speeding crackdown next year would be a range of plus or minus 5 so the people are not taking focus off the road and watching their speedometers.. As it is, the 1 over rule will likely cause more accidents than doing nothing.. Is it really about public safety??? Goodnight..
commented 2016-02-29 08:16:30 -0500
So glad you have endorsed Donald Trump!
commented 2015-12-25 20:47:46 -0500
Please contact me sir im a vet i need your help i use to work for you
commented 2015-12-09 15:17:31 -0500
Dear Mr. Rabin, Here is a web site for a case that is attempting to overturn Senate Bill 2 which upholds the rights of individuals to act in the work place in accordance with their religious beliefs. Senate Bill 2 must be kept and not overturned! Please help.

This senate bill 2 must be upheld……


Debra Cole
commented 2015-07-06 14:53:21 -0400
Last Thurs I witnessed another confrontation where a Latin started an argument with an older American. I have had two such confrontations myself. What are you politicians going to do about all these illegals…..besides give them more welfare, free tax status and driving permits even though they have never learned to drive. I read on NC Fire about the number of crimes committed by these people, especially child rape. If you are a true Conservative, you should be against Illegal immigrants coming to NC. Stop welfare, stop driving permits, stop free school, stop medicaid…stop spending our tax money on Illegals who have broken our laws crossing the border. By helping them you are aiding in their crimes. I’m seeing you as a RINO not a Conservative.
commented 2015-06-30 14:23:06 -0400
Senator Rabin,

I urge you to vote against the proposed tax on veterinary services. Many Harnett County and North Carolina residents, such as myself, only have fur-children and it is not fair that we are the only ones who would suffer from this tax. Veterinary healthcare is the only proposed healthcare to be taxed. And for the non-animal lover, they need to understand that diseases in animals can and do spread to humans. If the majority of the populace starts neglecting animal health care there will be an increase in rabies and other animal borne diseases that simple vaccinations stop. Thank you for your consideration of my position.
commented 2015-06-18 10:06:31 -0400
Senator Rabin,

I want to strongly urge you to vote against cutting Teaching Assistants in the schools. I am a Teacher Assistant in Harnett County. I teach reading and math 90% of the day. I work with the lowest reading and math groups so that the teacher may move on with the kids that do not need extra help. Cutting these positions will HURT North Carolina’s students! We need to stand up for education!!! Please do not vote to cut all of these positions!
commented 2015-03-26 22:26:44 -0400
My name is Russell Price and I am A 60% disable Vietnam Veteran, I hope you can help me with a problem I have. I went to the VA Hospital in Fayetteville NC the last part of this past Janurary 2015 and applied for my VA benifits. I was told I would be contacted in a few days in order to set up a appointment for treatment. After waiting several weeks I realized I was not going to get called. I call the Fayetteville VA and inquired to what was the problem that I was never called. The lady at the VA that I talked to stated that the reason I was never called was that someone dropped the ball and never put me in for it on the computer. The lay I talked to stated that she would put me on the computer and I was going to get a call in a few days. That was about the third week of Feburary 2015. I still have not been called and I do not think anyone there cares one way or another. I fought for my country and now I am 60% disabled because of it. Do I need to go to the VA and fight with them? Thank you for any effort on this matter.
commented 2015-02-24 13:40:21 -0500
As a teacher in North Carolina, I am opposed to SB 94 the Education Simplification Amendment. This amendment abolishes the Public School Superintendent and the State Board of Education. These actions put education in the direct control of the legislature.

The Board needs to be independent of political cronyism as happens with politics every time there is a change of hands from one party to another.

Education and educators, in North Carolina, have already been the victim of budget cuts, loss of longevity pay (rolled into salary, as no other state employee has had done) loss of text book funding, etc.

I am a certified teacher with a Masters Degree from UNCC and am also National Board Certified. I was McDowell County’s Exceptional Children’s teacher of the year. I have a vested interest in education and each and every child and family that I am personally responsible to.

This bill is to further weaken education and should not be passed.

Thank you,

April Leopard
commented 2015-01-31 20:24:20 -0500
Sen. Rabin,

I contacted you earlier about getting slingshot hunting in NC legalized. I have contacted the NCWildlife and several game wardens as to the legality of slingshot hunting in NC. What I have found out so far is nobody has any valid reason for outlawing slingshot hunting in NC. This is something I would like to change with your help.

From what I can tell there was a mix-up some time ago where someone misunderstood a slung shot (which is a weight attached to the end of a string) with a slingshot (which uses elastic bands attached to a frame).

Many other places in the US and throughout the world have legalized slingshot hunting. NC has a very rich history of hunting. And using a slingshot is among the most basic forms of hunting. It is an extremely economical and viable form of hunting as well. Slingshot hunting and shooting forms an excellent base from which to build on. And it’s not just young children taking to the sport either.

Slingshot shooting shares more in common with archery that it has differences. The only real difference is one uses string the other elastic bands. And I know that NC is very big on archery hunting, so there is no reason that slingshot hunting should not be at least included in the definition of archery, if not have its own designation as an acceptable form of take. And just like archery they both take practice to become proficient.

I understand that there may be some hesitation on peoples end to consider a slingshot as being powerful enough to take game. I can assure this is not the case. Modern slingshots are much more than capable of ethically harvesting animals as large as raccoon. Modern day slingshots have as much impact energy at 30 yards as a .22 caliber air rifle. My current configuration for example will shoot a 3/8 steel ball (55 grains) at 320 fps (feet per second) which equals to almost 13 fpe (foot pound of energy). And air rifles are a perfectly legal form of hunting in this state.

At this time NC has a thriving and growing slingshot community. We have within our state 2 of the most renowned slingshot manufactures and inventors in the world. Those are Montie Gear ( in Morrisville and Simple Shot ( in Candler.

Here are some video links showing the ballistics and the humane kill capability of a slingshot.

So with your help Senator Rabin I would like to get slingshot hunting legalized in NC. I would be more than happy to speak in front of congress or to provide personal demonstrations. Please feel free to contact me anytime so we can make slingshot hunting part of the rich NC hunting culture.
commented 2014-11-03 15:31:05 -0500
Hello, Senator Rabin,

I am a voter who has supported you in the past, but I am now very concerned and undecided after seeing that you think your faith should not influence the way you vote according to the questionaire with the North Carolina Council. Your opponent mentions and seems to be very proud of his faith. I am not sure that I will be supporting you any more. Does your faith influence your voting or not?
commented 2014-10-23 17:53:51 -0400
It is a shame that you have selected a venue for your grits and politics event that discriminates against law abiding gun owners and does not support the 2nd amendment or NC carry concealed permit law. They discriminate not properly permitted concealed carry on their premises.
commented 2014-10-16 13:33:15 -0400
Joe Langley hopes that you will continue to send me your nasty fliers because every time I get one, I am making a donation to his campaign. I know you think only rich people deserve health care – I disagree! And, thanks so much for discriminating against women with this voter i.d. mess – believe me, my i.d. matches my name EXACTLY on the voter roll – know I do not need i.d. for the mid terms, but am all ready for 2016! I am not an uninformed voter! Fracking – wonderful – can’t wait to showere in deisel fuel and benzene – yippee!!! NOT!
commented 2014-09-08 09:25:01 -0400
Barbie LeBrun

WCLN Christian 107.3 & WGQR Christian 105.7

We would like to partner with you during your advertisement campaigns.
commented 2014-09-06 17:32:09 -0400
Col. Rabin,

I just received a flyer from your campaign. It seems the main reason you think I should vote for you is because you are a veteran and are in favor of requiring id’s to vote. From what I can read, the problem of voter fraud in North Carolina is a very minor problem. If that is the issue that you think is important enough to fill the flyer with, I would submit that you can save your campaign money and not send that to me.

Secondly, for your contention that you have improved the education system…when was the last time you walked the halls of a public school? I would challenge you and your colleagues to spend a week, nay, a DAY in a public school. Eat the breakfast the children eat. Walk the halls during class change. Go to a freshman math class…not the honors class mind you, but the average math class that has three 19 year old freshmen and a teacher that is just barely managing to control a class of children that know they have the upper hand because the kids and the teacher know that the administration won’t support them, and the administration knows that they can’t really discipline the student because the central office won’t back THEM up. Go to the lunch with these students. Eat the same food, same servings they eat, and then spend the next two hours in class…then rush out to the football field. Do the work those kids do? Think you’ve hit a caloric deficit yet? Analyze it from a student’s perspective…do you think you’ve learned anything that will help you in the future? Please don’t insult your constituents by saying that you have improved the schools. You haven’t. Educators are holding on tightly trying to slow the relentless march to the gutter.

Teacher raise? Thank you. The General Assembly is taking advantage of the soft-hearted nature of most teachers. Please imagine a day in the life of a teacher. They are at their site by 7:00 in the morning, they have just enough time for restroom breaks and IF they eat lunch it is in a rush. Lunch HOUR? Right. The workday doesn’t end at 3:30 either. The job is still dominating their day at 9:00 in the evening after they put their own children in bed and spend the next 2 hours working to help children that often don’t appreciate any of it.

A word of advice…if I was a Republican Party leader, the LAST think I would do is bring up education. Maybe that’s why you want to bring up voter id’s…maybe that is the only safe issue you have.

I just want to thank your party for putting me in situation that I can not in good conscience vote for either party.
commented 2014-09-06 15:02:04 -0400
Apparently the slick mailings are going only to registered Democrats. How I am registered is a matter of public record. How I vote is another matter. Receiving 8 pieces of the slick mailing in one wee is way too much and causes me to wonder if Senator Rabin wants the job for reasons other than service the people of District 12 – like maybe for personal gain A retired Army Colonel is just a man who was not good enough to be promoted to a general officer. Please, no more slick mailings.
commented 2014-08-22 11:07:10 -0400
commented 2014-08-13 10:07:15 -0400
You Republicans in the NC legislature need to utilize these advertisement re fracking:
commented 2014-08-02 16:13:17 -0400
Why are non certified school employees being treated differently than state employees? We are not getting as much of a raise. How unfair?
commented 2014-07-30 23:20:01 -0400
Your support of fracking in this state, needs to change and support the people that you are supposed to support! We deserve clean and safe water and FULL DISCLOSURE of the chemicals that will be used. IF YOU WANT TO TAKE A RISK, DO IT IN YOUR YARD, MR. RABIN!!
commented 2014-07-29 12:07:25 -0400
commented 2014-07-09 08:11:19 -0400

Tenure is a major part of the educational problem today. Poor teachers are guaranteed jobs at the expense of the students. Teachers want to be considered professionals, tell me what other professional has a job guarantee.

Do not give in on teacher tenure, it must stop if we are ever able to weed out poor teachers.

I am in favor of paying Good teachers a very good salary but I object to paying anyone who is not accountable for their performance.
commented 2014-07-01 16:09:28 -0400
why do u prefer short term capital incraeses from oil corporations over the people that voted for you?? Anyone thinking about the well being of others and some common sense would not allow an ancient and inefficient way of extaracting oil from the ground: fracking….u sold out for the wrong reasons
followed this page 2014-06-17 15:04:28 -0400
commented 2014-06-17 15:02:56 -0400
Please request our President to send National Guard troops to the border with Mexico in the wake of a surge of illegal immigrant children (See The Washington Times).

The Border Patrol agents can use the extra help as they are swamped with children responding to a rumor in several Central American countries that they will be granted legal status. According to the Washington Times, Tens of thousands of children have been taken into custody in the past year. Their presence has tied up Border Patrol agents with processing and caring for them.

According to Rep. Candice Miller, R-Mich; “This diversion away from normal patrol responsibilities will result in an increase of drugs and migrants illicitly crossing our border,”

Additionally, please request that it is made clear that children caught at the border will be sent home.
commented 2014-05-25 09:41:06 -0400
I cannot believe that the representatives of NC take our taxes, abuse the systems we’re all supposed to live by, then just decide to double their salary without asking us. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. We’re struggling to keep what we’ve worked for. You’re objective is to take what we have. The entire system is broken and the best thing that could happen would be a total breakdown of the socialistic dictatorship ruling this country.
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